Like all other materials, metal can break down. Whether the problem is rust, a broken weld or another issue, we can help you analyse whether repairs can be made in a cost effective manner or whether an item needs to be replaced.

We offer:

Onsite inspection of large items
When the deteriorating or broken item is too large to transport, our experts can come to you. There’s no charge for most inspections within South East Queensland.

Replacement welds
We can often remove materials from a broken weld and re-weld the piece to make it functional again. Depending on the piece and its use, inspection may be required for new welds before the items can be returned to use.

Fabrication of replacement pieces
When only a piece of equipment has failed or not available, we can usually replicate any metal plate or other object and replace that piece to get your business back on track. The most common jobs we do in this category are cutting and replacing rusted sections of metal plates.

We guarantee all our repairs for a 90 day period.